Synthetic Oils May Help Hold Down Tape Adhesive Prices

synthetic rubber adhesive from thetapeworks.comAmong the class of tape adhesives most valued for a number of characteristics, synthetic rubber, made from oil, is at the top of the list.

A new product called Solazyme, which takes advantage of genetic engineering to create a “green product” with may of the same characteristics as petroleum, may help take some of the volatility out of oil based adhesive pricing.

As the cost and risk of oil exploration continue to increase, alternatives become more and more cost effective, even when development costs are high.

Solazyme uses a process which ferments algae in order to create a product which has the potential to replace petroleum, animal fates and other plant based oils.

Solazyme claims that they are ready to take on chemical manufacturing giants like DuPont and Dow with their new process for creating custom based synthetic oils.

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