Cargo Pit Tape. What’s That?

We’ve been selling tape for a very long time, but we still constantly come across tape that we have never heard of before.

Today, it is something called “cargo pit tape”.

As best we can tell, cargo pit tape is a specialty duct tape to be used in environments where material needs to be fire resistant.

Most likely, the original name dates back to when cargo holds on freighters were called “cargo pits”. These spaces were tightly packed with all kinds of materials being shipped, and because they were tightly sealed for weather proofing, the possibility of fire was a major concern.

Today, in the age of container ships, cargo pit tape is more likely to be used in the aerospace industry when planes are specially equipped for transport of freight instead of passengers.

One its particularly useful features is, like most tapes, its ability to conform to uneven shapes.

Ability to reposition the tape and to remove it cleanly, without residue, is another reason that cargo pit tape continues to be important, even though its name no longer describes its primary uses.
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