It’s Friday. Time For A Little Tape History

masking tape from thetapeworks.comThe development of  masking tape, originally a 3M product, dates to the 1920’s and was inspired by a problem that is still drives one of masking tape’s most important uses, automobile painting.

Dick Drew was a 3M product developer, who was involved in developing sand paper, visited an auto body shop to test some new sandpaper ideas.

What inspired Drew was the difficulty painters were having in doing quality multi-color paint jobs because they were unable to keep the second color away from the first.

Mr. Drew realized that 3M already had most of the components that would be needed to create a “masking” tape-a thin paper tape and a low tack adhesive.

Once he put together the proper mix of components, Drew took on the task of selling the idea to 3M.

Today, masking tape is one of 3M’s most popular products. is your source for information about the adhesive tape industry.  All the news about gaffers tape, safety tapes, duct tape, vinyl tapes and new developments in tape technology. Share your comments and questions with us.



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