Is There Room for “Green” In Tape Manufacturing?

roll of green duct tape

Somehow, the manufacturing and disposal of adhesive-backed tapes manages to continue to stay under the “green” radar.  A product, that for the most part, is designed to be used once, discarded and then replaced with new tape is a great business model, but hardly one that recognizes the need for sustainability.

There does seem to be some movement in the area of more environmentally sustainable manufacturing processes, but these, to date,  seem to be more focused on insuring an uninterrupted supply of raw materials at a manageable price than efforts to either develop more environmentally friendly materials (two of tapes primary components come from cotton and petroleum, products that obviously have lots of “baggage”.)

Here is a link to a paper from the Pressure Sensitive Tape Council (PSTC) that addresses some initiatives they are promoting to support more responsible tape manufacturing.

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