Electrical Tape-More Than It Appears To Be

electrical tape from thetapeworks.comElectrical tape has come to be used for many purposes, including color coding, fitness hoop decorating and sealing.  It works for all these applications, but none of them require the properties that are most important when this product is used for its original intention.

This product is designed and intended for electrical insulation and has unique properties that insure that it will not conduct electricity.

Electrical tape is made from vinyl, which tears easily stretches and conforms, and stands up to abrasion.  Its ability to stretch and  conform are particularly important when using it for electrical insulation.  The addition of a component called “plasticizer” to the vinyl insured that it would not conduct electricity.

Electrical installations often combine the insulating properties of electrical tape with its availability in many colors in order to color code conductors.

The standards accepted for color coding are:

Black Hot

Red Hot

Blue Hot

White Neutral

Green Ground

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