Berry Plastics Announces Duct Tape Price Increase

colored duct tape from thetapeworks.comBerry Plastics, the manufacturer of Nashua duct tape, has announced a price increase on the colored (all but silver and black) versions of their popular 398 duct tape.

398 duct tape, a premium grade 11 mil duct tape, is preferred by many tape users because it is stronger and easier to handle than utility grade 9 and 10 mil thick tapes.

Berry pointed to the increase in the cost of the resins used to make the colors for the price increase.

Most distributors can be expected to pass this increase along to their customers during the next month. is your source for information about the adhesive tape industry. All the news about gaffers tape, safety tapes, duct tape, vinyl tapes and new developments in tape technology. Share your comments and questions with us.

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