Make The Product Better By Redesigning The Package

cellotape tape rollThe lowly roll of Scotch Tape hasn’t changed much since it was developed back in the 1930’s.  The tape does pretty much the same job it was designed to do back then, and it still has the same problem it has had from day one.

That problem is getting the tape unwound from the roll when you start a new roll.  It’s a job for someone with long fingernails or who is long on patience.

A new design for the roll hub for this product solves the problem.  It’s called Cellotape, and its innovation is in the packaging, not the actual tape product.  It uses a ridged hub which forces the end of the roll away from the rest of the tape, giving the user a quick edge to grasp.

At the moment, it is just a concept created as an entry for the 2011 Spark Awards, but I’m willing to bet you’ll find it on the shelves at Staples by this time next year.

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