Irene’s Gone-Time To Untape Those Windows

Removing Tape From Windows After Hurricane IreneIf you followed the somewhat dubious advice to tape over your windows in the face of last weekend’s hurricane, now you are faced with the task of getting that tape off the windows.

The most common product for window taping is duct tape, and, naturally, that is one of the most difficult tapes to clean.

Duct tape gets it “stickiness” (adhesion) from the properties of natural latex rubber, and this adhesive quickly starts to de-laminate from the tape backing when exposed to moisture and sunlight.

Most important-don’t put off this task.  Every day that you wait will make the job more difficult.

Here’s how to get those windows clean.

First, peel off, by hand, as much of the tape as you can.  Pulling at a 45 degree angle to the window, in small pieces with steady pressure is a good way to start.

Next, attack what is left with a single edged razor blade or scaper.  Obviously, this won’t work if the glass has paint or other signage on it.

Finally, moisten a lintless rag or clean paper towel with vinegar to remove the remaining adhesive.

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