A story in yesterday’s New York Times about natural gas caught my eye, primarily because natural gas is a component in the making of some of the adhesives on the tape products we sell.

Natural gas prices have come down almost 25 percent since June, and oil companies that are extracting oil from shale oil deposits in North Dakota simply flare off the natural gas as a by product of oil extraction, after deciding that recovering the gas and getting it to market is not cost effective.

Not only does it waste domestic energy resources at a time when we are trying to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, it puts huge amounts of hydrocarbons in the air.  Amazingly, the oil companies are able to keep these fires burning day and night without being in violation of environmental regulations.

The next time we get a price increase notice from a tape manufacturer because the price of the raw materials that are used to make adhesives increases, we are going to recommend that they relocate to North Dakota.

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