Duct Tape Sales Spike In Anticipation of Irene

duct tape use in a hurricane from thetapeworks.comLast minute preparations for the onslaught of Hurricane Irene along the East Coast have led to a spike in duct tape sales at home improvement centers like Home Depot and Lowes.

While duct tape won’t keep windows from breaking in high winds or from flying debris, putting tape on the windows will prevent, or slow down, the flying of glass shards of the windows do break.  Having the glass shards held together with tape can also make clean up easier.  A better (but more expensive and time consuming) is to board the windows up with plywood.

Duct taping a tarp over a broken window or torn away shingles can prevent or mitigate water damage.  The sooner the better.

Finger protection when handling storm debris like sheet metal and plastic can be made from wrapping short lengths of duct tape around your fingers.

Use duct tape to tie down loose building materials and items in your yard that can’t be brought inside.  It’s ability to repel moisture will help it stand up to rain and standing water.

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