Duct Tape For Crafts-An Industry of Its Own

duct tape crafts from thetapeworks.comWe’ve been aware of the use of duct tape as a crafts item and have even periodically written about clever items made with duct tape.

Until recently, I had no idea how big this crafts industry has become.  It is pretty impressive.

One of the most highly traveled web sites for people who run their own businesses based around “do it yourself” craft items is one called Etsy.com.  Etsy supplies all the services that a small business crafts person needs to sell their items on line.  They provide hosting services, payment plans, locator services, and  details on the items being sold.

A search of the Etsy.com site today turns up 2395 items made from duct tape.  Everything from wallets to lifelike flowers are being made from multicolored tape.

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