Surgical Tape-Here’s What Makes It Work

surgical tapeSurgical adhesive tapes may appear similar to other cloth tapes, but there are subtle differences in their manufacturing process that make them appropriate for a very delicate job.

Use of rayon, silk or some other non-irritating (hypoallergenic) fiber for the tape backing is necessary to minimize skin irritation. The material also needs to be able to “breathe” so a certain level of porousness is required in order for a wound to heal properly.

A non-irritating (hypoallergenic) adhesive is used which must have enough adhesion (stickiness) to adhere to the skin but release with minimum skin tearing when removed. The adhesive must also be pliable so that flexibility is not limited unnecessarily. is your source for information about the adhesive tape industry.  All the news about gaffers tape, safety tapes, duct tape, vinyl tapes and new developments in tape technology.  Share your comments and questions with us.

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