“Printable Kraft Paper Tape” By Any Other Name ……………

Those that sell tape products know that there are opportunities both for sales and for confusion by applying multiple names to the same product.  A perfect example of this is a product we sell that is known by its generic name “printable kraft paper tape“.

This product is made from kraft paper (“kraft” refers to the chemical pulp process for making the paper).  Printable means that the tape has a surface on which printing can be done.  In this case “tape” refers to a product that has an adhesive backing.

CONSOLE TAPE FROM THETAPEWORKS.COMSince our primary customer base is made of customers involved in the audio visual and entertainment production industries, their most common use for this product is to make temporary labels for sound and lighting controllers, known generically as “consoles”.  Thus, we have re-branded this product as “console labeling tape“.

This particular kraft paper is white, which means that it can be seen in low light levels and information written on it will have good contrast.

Printable, in the application of console labeling, means that it can be written on with a Sharpie Marker or other indelible marker and the ink won’t “bleed” through the tape or smear after it has dried.

This particular tape has what is described as a “low tack, re-positionable” adhesive which means that it can be removed without leaving any tape residue or damaging the painted surface of the console.

Tomorrow we’ll cover another “re-branding” of the same product that has a very different use.

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