How To “Talk Tape”

tape terms from thetapeworks.comAny serious discussion of adhesive-backed tape pretty quickly requires that you have a “tape vocabulary”.  There are lots of terms that have one meaning in general discussions and quite another when the subject matter is tape.

Here are a few to get you started:

  • Backing. Backing refers to the primary component of tape upon which an adhesive is applied. Examples are cloth, paper, vinyl, film etc! Substate is also a form of backing.
  • Conformability. This refers to the capability of a tape to make total contact with a surface.
  • Gapping. Openings between leaves of tape within a roll.
  • Release coating. A very thin coating applied to the tape backing to allow the tape to be unwound from a roll.
  • Telescoping. A sideways sliding of the tape layers, one over the other, so that the roll looks like a funnel.
  • Tack. The “stickiness” of the tape.
  • Creped. Paper substrate that has small “folds” to provide stretchability and conformability.
  • Double-coated, or double-faced tape. Pressure-sensitive tape with adhesive on both sides of the substrate.
  • Unwind. Removing or unwinding the tape from a roll.

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