OSHA Safety Tapes Bring Safety To The Work Place

color coding tape for thetapeworks.comOSHA (The Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has developed a color coding system to help workers identify dangers in the work place.  In response, tape manufacturers have developed adhesive backed tapes that can be used to clearly mark these hazards.

Here is a brief explanation of what these various colors mean.

Red Identify fire equipment

Identify flammables

Identify barricades and obstructions

Mark “STOP” points

Yellow Signify locations where caution needs to be observed

Point out potential areas of possible falling, stumbling or becoming trapped

Black & White      Aisle Marking

Yellow & Red Radiation Hazards

Green & White     Safety & First Aid Equipment

Blue & White        Defective Equipment

Orange & White  Traffic Warnings

Black & Yellow Physical Hazards

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