Light Tape Takes Glow Tape To The Next Level

light tapeLight Tape,  a product from Electro-Lumix Lighting Corp. has created a tape product that looks and handles like glow tape, but has an actual electric component that means it does not have to be periodically recharged by radiant light in order to continue to provide photo luminesence.

Combining a product that can be cut, tent and shaped like conventional glow tape with a power supply that continually charges the tape means that this product can be used in environments that are dark for hours, days, or forever without ever losing its “glow in the dark” ability.

Consuming as little as 6.5 watts per hour for a full square foot of material (equal to tape 12 feet long and 1 inch wide), this product can be powered with standard 110V wall current.  It generates almost no heat and requires more maintenance.

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